prayerlineOur weekly Sunday Afternoon Services are currently being held in a local school building. The planning, promoting, and implementation of our Sunday Afternoon Services requires a lot of our efforts and resources.

It is our desire to glorify God in all that we do, to make disciples, and to see people come to the saving knowledge of Christ. Please come worship with us every Sunday!

Worship Service: 11.30am – 2.00pm

Tuesday Bible Study & Fellowship: 7.00pm – 9.00pm

Good  Shepherds Basket: (Sunday After Service)

Counseling is available for the members of our church family. Counseling provides biblical instruction for daily living. Occasional counseling is available to members of other churches provided they receive special permission from their pastor. We perform counseling on a weekly basis as needed.

Weddings are performed provided the couple has received pre-marital counseling. The pre-marital counseling provides biblical instruction for Christian marriages.

Baptisms are available for new converts. Children are baptized if they have met the minimum requirements of understanding the purpose of baptism.

 Funeral services are available to deceased members of our church family or a close their close relative of a member.

Our Prayer Meetings provide a time for our congregation to come together and pray for the church, the needs of the people and for the community. Prayer meetings are held five days a week via conference call. The meetings are led by our ministry leader. Members dial-in regularly into the conference call. This activity requires about 5% of our resources.

At the end of each month we come together to celebrate God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Revival lasts for three nights; and we invite guest speakers to fellowship with us. We worship through songs and sermons that provide specific principles for Christian living and discipleship. Our attendance varies. This activity is managed by the Senior Pastor and volunteers. This activity also requires about 5% of our time and other resources.

Once a month, various groups within our church (i.e. Men, Adults, seniors, etc.) will come together for a time of bible study, fellowship, and group activities. Bible study lessons and/or sermons will provide specific principles for Christian living targeted toward each group. Occasionally, we may have a guest speaker at some of the meetings. We hope to have as many as 30 people attend each of our meetings and activities. This activity requires about 5% of our time and resources and is led by a ministry leader.

We hold a bible study each week. The class opens with prayer. During the class there is a review of previous lessons, a quiz and a current lesson. Questions and answers and class participation continues throughout the class. The class ends with a closing prayer. This class targets individuals of all age groups. The classes are held at the church and the attendance has been from 5 to 15 people. The program requires less than 5% of our efforts and resources. The Pastor and other church leaders manage this program.

Throughout the year we will host classes, workshops and clinics that provide biblical teaching on specific topics. These classes may be held at our church or at a local meeting facility. We hope to have as many as 30 or more people attend our classes and workshops. We plan to conduct the following class:

  • Prayer and Bible Clinic – This class teaches individuals how to properly study the Bible and to become spiritually effective on Earth. Our classes and workshops will require 5% of our time and resources.
  • Street Witnessing – Five to seven days per week, a group of volunteers of the church goes throughout nearby neighborhoods with flyers to evangelize to new believers. We also plan to visit the sick in the hospitals. This activity targets people of all ages. The Pastor and other church leaders manage this program. This program requires less than 5% of our efforts and resources.
  • Prison Ministry Outreach – Once a month, we will visit the prison facilities to minister to those that are incarcerated. We will have prayer, praise and worship and preaching. The meetings will be open to anyone who wants to attend. A ministry leader will lead the meetings. This activity will require approximately 5% of our time and resources.
  • Hospital and Nursing Home Visitations – Once per month a team of volunteers will visit local hospitals and nursing homes to minister to the sick and shut-in. We will pray for individuals who request prayer and minister to those who need encouragement. We hope to help many people through this program. The program will require 5% of our efforts and resources. A minister will coordinate this activity.